All courses are available only in Arabic at the moment.

Welcome to UN Women Iraq & Yemen hub for learning!

The learning Management System (LMS) is an online platform offering tailored learning opportunities for UN Women’s beneficiaries and partners . It aims to strengthen the skills and knowledge of our beneficiaries and equip them with tools to grow and have a positive impact on their communities.

Who can register?

Registration is limited to UN Women Iraq & Yemen beneficiaries and partners.

How it works?

Building the capacity of service providers and beneficiaries has been the core of our work. We focus on building the capacities of individuals to ensure that their needs are met and that they can become more active and contribute more to the society. We have built this online interactive platform to focus on the continuous development for our beneficiaries and to further develop their skills and capacities.

The platform includes many features such as online certified courses, live interactive sessions, group meetings, events and much more. Please make sure that you register at the top of the page so you can have access to all our services and enroll for our courses that have been specifically personalized to meet your needs.

Latest Courses (Courses are available only in Arabic at the moment)

Here are courses that have been designed to meet your needs!


Monitoring & Evaluation from a Gender Perspective

A basic online training course for the Monitoring & Evaluation of projects from a gender perspective.

Project Proposal Writing

A training course aimed at enhancing proposal writing skills with a particular focus on gender projects.

Project Cycle Management

A course on Project Cycle Management for the effective planning and implementation of gender projects.

Response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence in social services

Strengthen the capacity of the social services sector to provide effective and high-quality GBV response services.

International Standards for the Treatment of Female Prisoners and Non-Custodial Measures in Yemen

For officials and the civil society focused on enhancing their capacities in applying international standards for the treatment of female prisoners or whom who fall under non-custodial measures.

The Police Response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Strengthen the capacity of police service providers to provide effective and high-quality GBV response services.


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