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Approximately 1 Hour & 30 Minutes (Self-Paced)


Monitoring and evaluation has a key role in managing and bringing projects to success and achieving their goals.
This course highlights the significant role that M&E plays in project management and achieving project goals. This course contains theoretical information in addition to practical step-by-step applications using the example from the “Project Cycle Management” course.

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A training course for those interested in project management and monitoring & evaluation of projects from a gender perspective.


By the end of this course, the participants will have known:

  • The concept and definitions of M&E
  • The importance and role of M&E
  • The different types of internal and external M&E and evaluation.
  • The different steps of M&E.
  • How to apply M&E in practical terms.


Module 1:

  • Introduction
  • Definition of M&E concepts
  • Core competencies of the M&E team and the Ethical Principles of M&E
  • Internal and external M&E and Objectives of the M&E process
  • Benefits and tools of M&E and why do some projects fail and do not achieve their goals?
  • M&E and Project Cycle Management (PCM)
  • Result Based Monitoring – RBM

Module 2:

  • Introduction
  • M&E planning/li>
  • Practical application – preparation and implementation of M&E
  • Qualitative Data Analysis – Qualitative Evaluation Impact Assessment


The participants will apply for a final test after completing of all training sessions. The pass threshold is to obtain a minimum of 50% in the final exam. The system records the score he/she obtained, where the applicant who meets the passing grade gets Course certificate. In the event that you do not obtain a passing score, the final exam can be repeated several times until the passing mark is achieved, as the system will save the highest scored mark. The applicant can complete the course at their convenient time, continuously or intermittently, and you can withdraw from the course at any time and resume later. Each applicant gets a course certificate after completing all the steps and successfully passing the final exam, and then filling out the evaluation questionnaire that will be received at the end of the course.


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