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Project proposals writing is considered a specialized skill, and there are specialists for this type of writing who have acquired their skills through specialized training or on job training. There are also practitioners who have acquired their skills through diligent work or working closely with their colleagues. Depending on the extent to which those in charge of preparing project proposals have the necessary skills, the chances of success in funding the proposed project are higher and vice versa.
The content of this course is dedicated to the writing of project proposals from a gender perspective. The course contains several sections including on the process of selecting the donor, the basic characteristics of project proposal, the concept paper, the contents of a solid proposal and the steps for preparing the project proposal, all from a gender perspective. The steps for preparing the project proposal constitute the bulk of this training in addition to the practical exercises.
At the end of the course there will be a final exam to test the acquired knowledge.

Funded by:


Development and humanitarian workers interested in project proposal writing with a focus on gender projects.


Provide participants with the necessary skills and steps to develop a comprehensive project proposal in a professional manner.


  • Introduction
  • Selection of the donor
  • Main characteristics of the project proposal
  • Concept Paper
  • Contents of the final project proposal
  • Project Proposal Writing – working steps
  • 1. Preparing the Necessary Information for the Project
  • 2. Background and Case Analysis
  • 3. Project Rationale
  • 4. The Logical Framework
  • 5. Partnerships
  • 6. Institutional Capacity and Relevancy to the Project
  • 7. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • 8. Sustainability
  • 9. Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • 10. Implementation Plan
  • 11. Budget
  • 12. Executive Summary
  • 13. Annexes
  • 14. Project Proposal Document
  • 15. Submission and follow up with the donor


The course contains a pre quiz, two short quizzes and a final assessment. You must get at least 50% of the questions right to pass the quizzes or the final exam. After you pass the assessment, the system will make a record of your score and you will be able to receive your certificate upon completion. If you do not pass, you may repeat the assessment multiple times to pass. The system will save only your highest score.
The modules must be completed in order and only upon successful completion of the previous module you will be able to unlock the following one. You may complete the course at your own pace. You can leave the training module at any time and resume later.
You will receive a course certificate upon successful completion of all five modules and filling out the satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the course.


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